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This game is fantastic!
The only critique I can think of right now is that you should be able to see the name of the Element somehow. I can memorize the symbols all I want, but there isn't really a way to learn the Element names, which would be very useful in the Natural Selection window.

Maybe add it so that when you hover over an Element it gives you the name at the bottom of the screen?

This is a very cute game; I really enjoy playing it =]
My only critique is that it would be nice to have commas in the numbers so that it's easier to tell how much you have, but other then that this is a pretty solid game.

GroZZleR responds:

Not all countries use a comma for a column separator, so I didn't want to alienate anyone. I'll see if I can come up with something else. Thanks for playing!

Really, my only gripe is that there is no zoom option when creating the face. Other than that, everything is wonderful. I love character customization, and I love having lots of options. Fantastic work!

I've been playing this game for a few days now and I am still unsure of what everything does. What does each upgrade actually do? Example: What does buying upgrades for Future City change?
What effects do things like flora, fauna, and human population have on an area?
Descriptions and stats about what things do are very important. I have no idea how me buying an upgrade or clicking with fertility on a single pixel even does. I also don't know whether doing so has any downsides, so I'm not sure if I should be creating a strategy with a "risk versus reward" type mentality or not.

The currency is also confusing. I'm up to about 700 TY. I have no idea what TY is.

I just yesterday learned (by accident) that you can zoom in on the planet which makes life so much easier as I was trying to click the little pixels.

Overall, this seems like a good starting point for a game, but still needs a lot of work. More descriptions, explanations, and user controls (like buttons for zooming) are definitely needed. A help section with painfully detailed explanations would be wonderful. Adding things like goals would also be nice.

This is one of my favorite games. I always come back to it somehow, even after all these years. I love the plot and all the different story lines.

Really my main critique is the same issue that has bothered me since the start: That I can't choose what my character looks like. I would like to see a character customization screen instead of the random picker in Rebuild 3.

Overall, wonderful game. I can't wait until the next installment!

Who knew that my art history classes would actually prove useful?

I actually grabbed my 3-D glasses and was saddened to see that there wasn't actually any 3-D, haha.

The second of your "Special Sketch Edition" says Flickr, but the font chosen makes the word appear to be a curse word at first glance. Since this game is rated M you probably don't have to worry about it, but I thought it would be good to point it out just in case.

I think this is an excellent game, and I love that you are using a video game as a means to showcase your own art while also making it interactive. The searching for stars is a good way to have people look at the works longer even if they already know the answer.

Unique, but a bit hard to play.

"Bisexual Chocolate Wrangler"

This is so stupid. You can't even consider it a game, plus I'm pretty sure th--ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!!

I very much enjoy this game! The only thing I would change is maybe adding more contrast. Sometimes the background and objects blend together too much.

Level 25 glitches:
If you drop the bomb through the hole on the right side, it disappears and the screen turns nearly all white. I thought this was a part of the game until I watched the walkthrough for the level. Adding to that, after the bomb has been dropped, there is an invisible square in the area above the door that can be jumped through and sat on top off.

Playing further I've found a bunch more "invisible boxes" that you can jump through and stand on. I'm not sure if this is a intentional or not, but I'm leaning towards it being a glitch.

Also, is the end screen supposed to be just a blue sky with some clouds and no buttons?

Fun Fact: Both Level 18 and Level 23 can be completed without using the bombs, but you receive a lower score (whereas I think we should be rewarded for resourcefulness). Level 26 can be completed using only one.

KotubukiMedia responds:

Wow! Thanks for the lengthy review! Appreciate it! =)

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